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iPower Distribution Group of New England Provides
Supply Chain Consulting and Implementation

The iPower Distribution Group of New England designs, implements, and manages supply chain solutions for high volume/low cost industrial components and consumable supplies by blending pull system, vendor managed inventory (VMI), and point of use techniques enabled by automated data collection tools.

iPower specializes in transforming data into knowledge to help its customers better control their spending, evaluate supplier performance, and generate cost reduction ideas.

iPower solutions typically involve:

Professional on-site resources

  • Industry experienced buyer/planners
  • Detail-driven implementation specialists
  • Efficient and organized inventory specialists

Flexible system tools

  • iCustomer – full MRO solution software
  • iZap – industrial POU solution software
  • iZap CS – self-service simplicity
  • Direct Connect –ERP integration (SAP)

Information and Management

  • Web based Purchase Order view/manage
  • Web based Inventory Item view/edit
  • Usage reports
  • Supplier performance reports

Accounts Payable

  • Highly configurable invoice packages
  • Summary invoicing to streamline and reduce the cost of supplier payment
  • Optimize discount capture

Supply Chain Plan

We work closely with each client to develop an integrated supply chain plan for high volume low cost components that consolidates suppliers, and reduces: prices, lead times, inventory levels, and operating cost. The plan is executed using iPower's proprietary electronic commerce technology to not only launch orders at the speed of need but also to provide reports to control spend and supplier performance.

This reliable replenishment system is fully integrated with our network of industrial suppliers to provide our customers with the broadest cross-section of industrial components and supplies at Tier 1 pricing in the market place today.


Why iPower is Successful

Tier 1 Relationships

A major contributing factor to our success is the breadth and depth of industrial components and supplies available through our supply chain. Our network of suppliers has direct access to the very best OEM components and industrial supplies. Direct access means there is no pyramiding of margins when we quote you prices. There are also no transaction fees since we are in control of the replenishment system conducting the transactions from Purchase to Payment.

Here are some other important facts about our supply chain:

  • $ 700 million in sales in New England
  • $ 100 million domestic Inventory on hand
  • 270,000 SKUs
  • 100 Field Sales and Sales Engineers

Unparalleled Commodity Coverage

We cannot over emphasize the importance of having the right mix of inventory available to cover the customers anticipated spend. Here are some of the commonly consumed industrial commodities for which we carry hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

  • Fluid Control-Hydraulics, Pneumatics, O Rings, Fittings Clamps, Compressors
  • Fasteners, Hardware, Specialty Items
  • Electronics, Electrical PLC, Wire, Accessories
  • Power Transmission-Bearings, Drives, Motors, Bushings, Lubricants
  • Industrial Supplies-Tools, Abrasives, Safety, Adhesives
  • Packaging, Corrugated, Paper, Wipers, Tapes
  • Pipe, Valves, and Fittings
  • Office Products, Furniture, Computer Supplies
  • Facility Management Products

Top Companies in Distribution Management
in New England and the World

  • Atlas Global Solutions
  • The Hope Group
  • IDG Corp
  • Eastern Industrial Automation
  • Specialty Bolt and Screw
  • Sager Electronics

Benefits of an iPower Supply Chain Solution

  • The iPower view of the Purchase to Pay Process identifies six primary stakeholders that benefit from a properly constructed integrated supply chain solution regardless of the implementation, i.e., Kanban, Single Bin VMI, etc. They are the Customer's Procurement, Materials Management and Account Payable departments and the Supplier's Sales, Order management and Account Receivable departments. Below are the benefits that are attributed to each stakeholder group.

Customer's Procurement Management

  • Consolidated vendor base
  • Increased spend under control
  • Reduced purchase price of components/supplies
  • Improved on time delivery
  • Improved incoming quality
  • Sarbanes Oxley compliance Internal resource re-focused to A/B items

Customer's Materials Management

  • Reduced lead times
  • Reduced inventory
  • Less obsolescence
  • Increased material availability
  • Eliminate stock outs/downtime
  • Reduced floor space committed to material

Customer's Accounts Payable

  • PO Price is reconciled to invoice price before submission of invoice
  • Summary Invoice packages are highly configurable (i.e. Sorted by PO, Account Number, Project Number etc.) to assist in general ledger entries and financial reporting Less Disputes

Supplier Sales

  • Reduction in cost of sales commission
  • Shorter cycle time to close

Supplier Order Management

  • Reduction in cost of order Management
  • Reduction in cost of material handling

Supplier Account Receivable

  • Reduction in DSO and Labor to Collect

Ease of Doing Business

Whether your company is large or small you are facing unprecedented resource, capital, and time constraints that no doubt will be with us for some time to come. All too often these constraints prevent good ideas from being considered let alone implemented. We understand these business conditions and have built them into our approach to providing you highly effective supply chain solutions.

Therefore, our supply chain solutions have:

Zero software/hardware fees

  • Little to no system integration fees
  • Minimal IT resource involvement
  • Minimal Procurement/Materials Management effort

We use our resources and enabling technologies to:

  • Build the required databases
  • Burn down excess inventory before we provide a single component
  • Drive down purchase price through vendor consolidation and spend aggregation
  • Free up your resources to attack more pressing issues since we manage our solutions on your premises with our people
  • Provide spend visibility and control to facilitate better decision-making for the commodities we manage
  • Conduct cost reduction meeting on your premises with our technical experts to provide ongoing cost reduction ideas to your users and/or engineering community

iPower New England brings supply chain solutions through implementation of vendor managed inventory (VMI), pull system and point of use techniques, all made possible through its automated data collection tools.



iPower Distribution Group of New England has been solving supply chain challenges for major OEM's for more than 20 years.


Through its proprietary software, iPower-VMI simplifies and automates the selection, ordering, stocking and invoicing of parts and material needed at the Point of Use on the factory floor.


For components and assemblies, which are mission critical, and often too expensive to be handled through traditional VMI programs, iPower-Kanban is designed to meet contractual, planning and delivery needs of the OEM.


For manufacturers seeking true vendor consolidation, volume pricing, and improved lead-time and inventory management, the iPower Buyer-Planner program is a strategy that incorporates the strengths of iPower VMI and Kanban, but goes to the next level.