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The 'Buyer-Planner' Solution is Available
When VMI and Kanban Are Not Enough

Often times neither VMI nor Kanban is the appropriate method of replenishment. This is especially true when demand is certain, lead times are long, and part cost and usage is high. For this class of component replenishment we provide professional Buyer-Planners to work onsite at your direction to plan and purchase components through Oracle, SAP, and other planning systems.

One of the major benefits that come from the iPower Buyer-Planner solution is the enhanced ability to anticipate demand and execute forward buy strategies upstream. Well timed forward buys produce many hard cost saving opportunities such as price stability, volume price breaks, and lead time reduction.

Improved Delivery and Quality

Performance benefits of the iPower Buyer-Planner solution are not just limited to better pricing and lower lead times. We have proven year in and year out the collaborative mode of buying/planning produces exemplary delivery, quality, and cost savings results. We know this to be true because our customer's supplier performance modules remind us every day of how we are doing.

Finally, a unique benefit that can only come from the iPower Buyer-Planner solution is the ability to create additional cost savings by identifying items that are better suited for Kanban and VMI programs.


iPower-Buyer/Planner is a solution the puts an iPower expert on site to manage inventory.