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When Component Cost and Usage is High
The Kanban Solution is More Desirable

Many times the components and assemblies we provide to OEM's are
mission critical. That means they are often too high cost and high usage to be handled through the VMI program. In those instances we configure our solutions to meet your Kanban contractual, planning, and delivery requirements. We ramp up from a straight forward VMI approach to a strategic Kanban approach.

Since we handle the widest breadth of Tier-1 industrial components in the Northeast inevitably we replenish hundreds of unique part numbers to our customers via Kanban systems. And because we handle so many parts we also relieve the communication and coordination burden and risk inherent in one supplier to one part number relationships.

Upstream Inventory

You can stick to the heavy lifting of determining dual, triple, or multiple bins, recalculating Kanban quantities, and pulling and adding cards and bins. At iPower, we will handle the upstream inventory adjustments necessary to keep hundreds of parts in synch with the changing demands of your business, as well as reallocating inventory in-house for commonly used components in multiple locations.

One of the major issues with Kanban is the escalation of safety stock when demand becomes more and more uncertain and erratic. Another major benefit of iPower's Kanban solution is we shoulder the responsibility of Safety Stock so you do not have too. The carrying cost of safety stock is pushed upstream.

Changing replenishment method

This leads us to another important feature of doing business with iPower. When changes in demand warrant a change in replenishment method, we work with our customers to ensure a smooth transition from Kanban back to discreet buying through MRP.

It has been said by the guru's of the Toyota Way, "Flow where you can and pull where you must"! We believe Kanban is an organized system of inventory buffers and that inventory is evil. Our Kanban solution employs our working capital, talent, and technologies to help you balance on-hand inventory to your customer's demand, while simultaneously reducing risk of stock outs and/or excess inventory.


iPower offers its iPower-Kanban program when the cost and usage is high.